Henry & Ann Fitzwilliam

Note: This information is included here because it does not fit with current research findings.


  • Baptism 1811 Henry Tilbury
  • Death 1842 Ann Fitzwilliam Tilbury

Henry was baptised at St. Marylebone on 11 Aug 1811. The record gives his birth date as 18 May, presumably in the same year.

1839. Henry Thomas Tilbury, son of Henry Tilbury and Ann Fitzwilliam Tilbury, was born on 12 Aug 1839. 

1841. The Census for the All Souls District of St.Marylebone shows Henry Tilbury (25, Brass Founder, born County), wife Ann (20, born County) and son Henry (2, born County) living at Ogle Street, St.Marylebone. Henry was almost 29 but in the 1841 census the ages were rounded by 5 years for anyone over 15. Ann may therefore have been as old as 24.

1842. Ann Fitzwilliam Tilbury, aged 24, died of consumption at Old Town, Clapham, Surrey on 26 May 1842 and her husband Henry, a brass finisher, was in attendance.  Their son Henry Thomas died a few weeks later and both deaths were registered at Wandsworth, then in the County of Surrey.

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