Photos of Thomas and Ann

Thomas Tilbury (1777-1857)1
Ann (Durden) Tilbury (1782-1861)l
Eleanor Tilbury (1820-1909)l
Eleanor Tilbury (1820-1909)l

There are differing views as to whether the two portraits above are of Thomas and Ann or of Daniel and Eleanor Hanley (formerly Hopkins nee Tilbury). Photos of Eleanor are included to serve as comparisons.

The photos above have been provided by Rosalind Pickavance nee Shingleton. The facts involved in the discussion are detailed below:

  1. Copies of the originals are held by a cousin of Rosalind Pikavanze, descendant of Eleanor Hanley formerly Hopkins nee Tilbury (1820-1909). They've been passed down through the family with the knowledge that they are of Mr and Mrs Tilbury.
  2. Why would a portrait of Daniel Hanley be held by the Hopkins family?
  3. A letter written in 1982 to Wilfred Shingleton by his sister Betty, included with copies of the portraits of their great-great-grandparents, states that "These two were a Mrs & Mrs Tilbury, who lived in St Helen's Place in the City and attended the Guildhall Balls and Banquets, being escorted home afterwards by Link Lighters, so our Great Grandmother told our Mother. Their daughter married our Great Grandfather Hopkins".
  4. There is a family history authored by William Morris (Morris) Hopkins, a descendant of Eleanor Tilbury, which includes copies of these photos as an appendix, with the names Eleanor and Daniel Hanley. The family history states that the photocopies were provided by Alan Tilbury, apparently from Morris' cousin Neville Hopkins and were of Mr and Mrs Hanley, though no reason is provided in the family history and Alan Tilbury and Neville Hopkins can no longer be contacted.
  5. The fashion of the 1830s period matches Ann's outfit. At the time Eleanor would only have been about 10 years old.
  6. One of the photos of Eleanor shows a different nose shape and a chin cleft in a different position, which may just be the camera angle but does lend itself to her being a daughter rather than the same person.

Taking all of the above into account, it was decided to include these photos as indeed being portraits of Thomas and Ann. Many thanks to Rosalind Pickavance nee Shingleton for providing the photos and letter and following the trail with so much enthusiasm.

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