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Reference: Added page Which Florence Mary? to assist with identifying the various Florence Marys in the Tilbury tree.


Lineage, Gallery: Photos of Marcus Edward Tilbury (1874-1920) and family added. Kindly provided by Carol Taylor, grand-daughter of Marcus.


Sitemap: Now includes links to spouses and children.
Lineage: As above for "Children Of ..." section links.


Lineage :
Marcus Edward (1874): Updated information, added photo of Sheila and details on Geof. & Sheila.


Lineage :
Florence Mary (1849): Added photo of Eduard Espenhahn. 
Thomas (1777) and Ann Durden: Added photos of Thomas and Ann.
Eleanor (1820): replaced photo of Eleanor and added new photos and information provided by Rosalind Pickavance nee Shingleton, granddaughter of Clare Mary Hopkins.
Augustus William (1852): updated and added photos and information provided by Susan Hawley, granddaughter of Anne Sophia Tilbury.
Edward (1842): updated and added photo provided by Susan Hawley. Added photos of James & Winifred provided by g-granddaughter April Boothe.
Florence Mary (1880): updated and added photos provided by Susan Hawley.
Gallery : Added all above photos.
Background :
Photos of Thomas and Ann: Added Reference page detailing reasons for selecting portraits as Thomas & Ann versus Daniel & Eleanor Handley.
Thomas & Sarah Hall: Added marriage location (West Drayton, Mdx).


Lineage : Fixed typo in Summary for death date of Sophia Tilbury (1939 -> 1839).
Corrected wife of William Henry Hopkins (son of Eleanor and William) to match Family Tree (Mary Ann Shepherd -> Mary Jeffery).


Lineage, Gallery : Updated birth and death dates for Friedrich Eduard (Edward) Espenhahn.
Added photo of Abraham Wivell to Harriet and Gallery, courtesy Bob Freeman,


Lineage : Further investigation of Sophia Emma: added day of birth, Sophia Emma as a possible landowner in Sydney; updated details of Thomas & Sophia re Hanwell parish records and day of arrival of Ivanhoe in Melbourne.
Updated pages of Henry, Robert and William to reflect that they'd been in a partnership that was dissolved 1845.


Lineage, Articles : Added detail to lives of George & Dulcie nee Blacket. Corrected George's age at marriage.
Added 'Reminisences of a Quirister' to Articles, courtesy Winchester College.
Added Probate details for Clive William.
Confirmed Sarah Elizabeth Gardner as Esther's sister. Added details and adjusted Gardners' year of arrival to about 1855.


Lineage, Gallery : Updated details of Augustus Tilbury and added a photo, courtesy Winchester College.
Added photos of Ernest Tilbury, also courtesy Winchester College.
Fixed bug in display of each series of photos (extra photo at end).


Reference, Gallery, Lineage :   Ryerson Index of Tilbury Deaths added to Reference.
Photos of Alresford added to Rabnetts.
Added watermarks to photos and renamed them in an attempt to thwart scraper bots.


Lineage : Watters: Updated places, dates of death for Ettie nee Tilbury & John Campbell Watters. Updated dates of death for James Campbell, Agnes Harriet Cadell nee Walker and Donald Tilbury Watters. Added details of Ettie's involvement in a drowning at Emu Park.
Added will and probate details for James Thompson and Esther Tilbury nee Gardner.


Lineage, Snippets, Reference : Newspaper photo of Clive William Tilbury (1885-1915) added to Gallery and to his Lineage page, along with more war record details.
Obituaries for Justice Robert Hope, Prof. Ralph Blacket and Nick Vine Hall added to Articles.
County Map of England & Wales added to Reference.


Site : New site!  The site is now slightly more retina- & mobile-friendly and it should also be easier to wander around in. The branch of Edward (1842-1915), son of Thomas (1802-1875) has been expanded but needs more work. Many changes have been made to the site content, primarily in the Lineage section.

Changes are too numerous to list but in summary:
- Updated most of the Lineage pages to correct various assumptions, fix typos, add information or remove information that was incorrect.
- Added to Snippets in Background
- Added to Reference in Background
- Added/corrected Certificates in Background
- Added to photos in Gallery. Note: There's a bug in the display of larger photos - a (bonus!) random photo is displayed at the end of each series of photos
- Removed spouses from Navigation tree
- Added expanding sections and pagination to long pages.

Technical bits:
- The site works in modern browsers. It's had some basic fixes applied for IE8 but it'll be broken/unusable in older versions of IE so please upgrade or switch to another browser, eg. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.
- There's a lot of jQuery so anyone with Javascript disabled isn't going to have much fun.
- The site was written using ProcessWire, an open source Content Management Framework/System created by Ryan Cramer. It's a joy to work with. More information can be found at

- Links need to drill down into sections instead of just to pages.
- More additions and corrections.


Lineage : Found a few more snippets in newspaper archives and was able to add detail to Esther Watters, the Gardners and Marcus.

Sophia Rabnett's birthdate updated to 1806.

Immigration records found for Espenhans migrating to USA.


Site : Alan Tilbury of England and I tried an experiment by combining our sites into one. We both found it a bit restrictive so we've gone back to our old sites.


Lineage: Further information has been added to the family of John Campbell Watters and Esther Sophia Tilbury (1878-1976) - John's parents and siblings in Scotland and the family's links to Aramac. The page of Lloyd David Tilbury (1919-1993) contains a section on The Grahames. This section has been updated and includes more information on parents and children: Grahames, Thompsons, Lees.

Background: Documents relating to the history of Aramac have been added to Reference Material.


Gallery : Photos added of Hockings boys upon their enlistments for the Royal Australian Air Force: Edwin (1940), George (1941) and Thomas (1942), with links to the detail page for Blanche Molenaar Hockings nee Tilbury.

Certificates: More certificates have been added to the Certificates page and the related detail pages:

1875 George Arthur Tilbury,
1919 Lloyd David Tilbury,
1921 Jean Frier Grahame,
1921 Jean Frier Grahame-1

1873 James Thompson Tilbury & Esther Gardner,
1881 Edwin Newbold Blacket & Rose Annette Barker,
1917 George Arthur Tilbury & Dulcie Mildred Blacket,
1947 Lloyd David Tilbury & Jean Frier Grahame

1931 James Thompson Tilbury,
1936 Esther Tilbury nee Gardner,
1944 George Arthur Tilbury

Other (Marriages):
1853 Anne Tilbury & Richard Adams,
1859 Sophia Tilbury & John Attwood,
1886 Emma Tilbury & Joseph Perger