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  • Linden 9 years ago

    Hi, I'm Linden Tilbury, a descendant of Thomas Tilbury & Ann Durden (my ggg-grandparents). My line of descent is Thomas & Sophia (nee Rabnett) -> James & Esther (nee Gardner) -> George & Dulcie (nee Blacket) -> Lloyd & Jean (nee Grahame). I live in Queensland, Australia.

    • David Hawkins 11 months ago

      Hi Iam searching for information on Kenneth Danial Hawkins who had two sons one named Kenneth Danial my father the other named Roley Roy. My father was born in 1915 at Aramac and that is all I know. They moved to Gin Gin Qld but when i don’t know.

      • Linden 11 months ago

        Hi David,
        Would you like me to cross-post this in the Aramac page?
        Cheers, Linden

  • Alan 9 years ago

    I am gg-grandson of Thomas Tilbury and Ann and lived with my wife, Dorothy (Dot), in Kent, England until her death from stomach cancer in April 2012. Shortly before her death Dot agreed to donate her corneas for transplant or research. One was found suitable for transplant and is now helping an elderly man to see again. It is a great comfort to me to know that a part of her is still living. I have two sons and five grandchildren.

  • Nikki 9 years ago

    I Believe Mary Durden was my 4th great grandmother She married George Wareing who was my great grandfather percival St George Wareings Great grandfather Percival St Georges father Phillip Wareing emigrated to NZ

  • rachael ogrady 9 years ago

    robert tucker and jeanette tilbury are my relations so intresting finding this xxx

    • Linden 9 years ago

      Hi Rachael, Great news! How are you related? Very little to offer about them I'm afraid so would love to hear about any information you have. Cheers, Linden

  • Stephen Slavin 9 years ago

    Thank you for your excellent site. Finally after 6 months I have found my family link to Abraham Wivell and Harriet Tilbury. I am Abraham's Great Great Great Grandson via his son Edward James Wivell who came to Australia and died in Adelaide, South Australia on 16 December 1909. My Grandmother had a
    trophy given to Abraham Wivell for his invention of the fire ladder but she
    did not have the family knowledge to make the link.

  • Greg Willson 8 years ago

    Hi Tilbury family,
    I am a great great great grandson of WIlliam Willson and Ann Tilbury through their son Thomas who sailed to NSW and settled there.
    Thanks for your efforts in building this site.

  • Madeline 8 years ago

    Hello Tilbury family! My name is Madeline and I believe Thomas Tilbury and Ann Durden are my gggg grandparents. My great grandparents were George Herbert Tilbury and Florence Mary Tilbury (they were cousins) my grandfather who practically raised me until he passed away from cancer in 2000 was their son Augustus Carlos Faulkner Tilbury. I dont know a whole lot about that side of my family but I do know that my great grandfather, George Herbert moved his wife and daughter to the Philippines and George Herbert was a tax collector for Head hunter tribes (so the story goes). He and Florence (florie) had 3 sons while living in the Philippines. All together that made 4 children, Betty, George, Augustus, and Edward. When the kids were in elementary school, G.H wanted a better education for them and moved the family to Kennewick, Washington. Where he got a job working at a grape juice company, doing their finances for them. He sent the kids to boarding school on Vancouver Island. When the depression hit, all the kids moved back home and after highschool Betty, Augustus, and Ted moved to Glendale Ca and George got a job and had a family in Alaska.
    If anyone has more information, I would love to know it! Im trying to make a family history scrap book for my grandmother for christmas.
    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this site!!

    • Linden 8 years ago

      Thanks for all your information Madeline. You may want to touch base with David Tilbury of Oregon, USA. I believe his email is 'tilbury [at] toast [dot] net' but my information is over 18 months old so if it doesn't work let me know and I'll try to find another. He has lots of history about your side of the family. Cheers, Linden

      • madeline 8 years ago

        Hello Linden!
        Thanks for the reply. I emailed David but unfortunately the message wouldn't go through. If its not a hassle I would love to get a current email or address, anything you might have. Thanks so much, I greatly appreciate it!

        • Linden 8 years ago

          Hi Madeline, I've sent an email to 2 more email addresses and only one bounced. I copied you on the email so hopefully you should now be in touch. Cheers, Linden

  • Linden 7 years ago

    The following was submitted by Alison in the UK:

    I'm searching for information about Agnes Rose Tilbury, who gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Doreen, in Marylebone, London, UK in 1926 and wonder if anybody may have a link with this family. I'd be grateful for any help or information which might provide a lead!

  • Terrie 7 years ago

    Thank you for all your hard work, you have certainly helped fill in some gaps I had. Thomas Tilbury (1777) was my 4th great grandfather. Alice Matilda Tilbury was my 2nd great gandmother.

    • Linden 7 years ago

      Hi Terrie, I'm really stretched for time at the moment but Alan Tilbury ( may have more information on your forebears - he's done research on Robert James Tilbury. Are you able to fill in any gaps on the descendants of Alice Matilda and Charles Stanborough? Cheers, Linden

  • linden 5 years ago

    The following was submitted via the contact form by Liz Hill on 30 Dec 2015:

    I am trying to solve a family mystery, re my paternal grandmother's heritage. She was born in India in 1908, and raised in an orphanage/convent. Her father is acknowledged as a Harry or Henry Tilbury, no mother acknowledged anywhere we can find. She never knew her family of origin, and married HERBET JAMES BALLANTYNE IN INDIA IN 1927. DNA EVIDENCE thru is suggesting a connection to these family names, BRADFORD, PRICHARD, FORD, PINK, CLARKE, TURNER, AND OTHERS, and we think the likely candidate is a Major William Henry TILBURY, born in 5/11/1881 died of malaria at 15th Dec 1932. He was in the right place at the right time and there is indian blood, my uncle and myself having it in our DNA, so possibly from her mother. Can anyone help

    • Katrina Ballantyne 3 years ago

      Hello my father is Henry James Ballantyne he is the oldest sibling of 8 children to Herbert James Ballantyne and Mary Margaret Ballantyne (Tilbury), my grand mother became an orphan as a baby when both her parents died in a train accident, she was there until she go married

      • Katrina Ballantyne 3 years ago

        Ok so I’ve done some research. Mary Margaret Ballantyne (Tilbury) Mother’s name is Ethel Jane Pearce 1881-1927 and her fathers name Henry Augustus Tilbury 1871-1836, she was told her parents died in a train accident, she had Anna older sister Phyllis May Tilbury 1903-1004 she passed away before she turned 1

        • LIZ Sutcliffe 1 year ago

          hi Katrina, can you please contact me so we can discuss, kind regards liz
          ps weve corresponded briefly before, i am Henry James ( jimmy) natural child adopted out at birth , though my father offered to raise me , born in 64. together we may be able to help each other with this research. thanks Katrina .
          kind regards liz

  • April Boothe 4 years ago

    Excited to find this page! Thank your for all your hard work.

  • Caroline Pasquali nee Armstrong 3 years ago

    My grandfather was Edward Tilbury who died in Prague. My French grandmother was Genevieve Capy. My mother is Jeanine Marie Tilbury who married William Robert Armstrong.
    I am the second of three sisters, Caroline, born in Laval, France 21 November 1950.
    My eldest sister is Veronica, born in Laval, France 18 February 1949. She married Nicholas Savory (now deceased) and has two sons, Jeremy Savory who lives and works in Dubai and Simon Savory who lives and works in London and Paris.
    I, Caroline, married Edgardo Pasquali (Italian) and have two children, a daughter, Rebecca and a son, William.
    Rebecca (born 23 April 1978 in Brighton) is married to Alistair Kille (from Dalgety Bay, Scotland). They have two daughters, Naida and Laelia who were both born in Shanghai,China in 2009 and 2011 and Cassius, a boy, who was born in Tunbridge Wells, UK last year. They have just moved to Mountain Lakes, New Jersey after living in Bangalore, India for five years and Shanghai before that.
    William (born 19 October 1979 in Brighton) married Sarah nee Hosylyk (from Melbourne, Australia). They have three daughters: Estelle, born London 2014 and twins, Anya and Lucia born London 2016. They live in Battersea, London.
    My younger sister is Nathalie, married to Arnaud Batsale (French). They live in France and have one son called Edouard.
    I hope this info completes a little more of the family tree. I went to Winchester recently and only then saw the name Tilbury and started doing some research.
    Well done on having got this far.

    • Linden 3 years ago

      Hi Caroline, Many thanks for all your information. Sadly David Tilbury - from your branch of the tree - passed away not too long ago so progress has been slow but you've given me lots to add and do further research on. Thanks again. Cheers, Linden

  • Christine King 2 years ago

    I am looking for information about the Dickson and Mitchell families from Aramac. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Christine king
    Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

  • Peter Fraser 2 years ago

    Hello. My Great Grandfather was Hugh James Fraser born in Aramac. My Grandfather was Donald Alexander and he had 2 brothers James Hugh (killed in France 1918) and Eric I don’t have any details Of family older than the Great Grandad but I know they were pioneers in the area from Scotland via Canada. I believe that my family sold up the Aramac properties and moved to Rockhampton probably before WW1. My Dad talks of our family having stations around Lake Dunn but the only name he remembers is “Barcoora”
    I am looking for any info on family names of ancestors and station info as well Even a starting point would be appreciated

    [Also posted in History of Aramac, QLD]

  • Ian Thomas 1 year ago

    I've researched the PODD family, initially in Western Australia (my wife's immediate family, her birth surname), but increasingly from their origin in Suffolk, England. There are very few PODD in Australia, but surprisingly numerous with that name in UK and also in America/Canada.
    Where the TILBURY name fits in is only in 1876, with the marriage of Henry William TILBURY 1854-1894, to Margaret PODD 1856-1945. This was in the Plomesgate District in northern Suffolk, the localities Aldeburgh and Lowestoft. However, Margaret moved south into other counties after the death of Henry, and she remarried in 1912 in London and died at age 89 in Kent.
    Henry William and Margaret had 3 children - Leo Percy 1877-1901, Elsie Norah 1879-1907, and Arthur Ernest 1881-1883. All were born in the Aldeburgh area. Elsie Norah had married in 1900 to a man from Mildenhall, Suffolk - she died in the London area and her second husband later (? 1956) also in Middlesex.
    The father of Henry William TILBURY was Henry TILBURY b. 1827 in Porchester, Hampshire, England, and he married in 1853 in Mutford, Suffolk to Elizabeth COOPER who was born about 1835 in Lowestoft, Suffolk.
    There are no other links to TILBURY that I know of, but there may be others particularly connected with the maritime and fishing activities of the areas mentioned, on the NE coast of Suffolk.
    Any clues would be very helpful to me.

  • Jennifer Osborne 6 months ago

    My Mums name was Joyce Holgate 26/11/1928
    Her parents were Edward Holgate and Ellen Lynch married 1926 . They resided in Lodge St Aramac
    My grandfathers parents ran one of the local hotels .
    My Great grandmother on my Grandfathers side was Augusta Holgate née Knickel
    And I believe she is buried in the local cemetery. Any information would be appreciated

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