Thomas Tilbury (1777-1857)

Family Bible extract1

There are differing accounts of the birth date of Thomas. There is a family bible in the USA, held by E. Mark Tilbury, a descendant of Thomas' grandson Edward (1842-1915), which records Thomas' birth as: "Thomas Tilbury  Born April 22  1777 at Twelve O'clock on Wed  Night at No 11 Colvil Court", St.Pancras, London. Alan of England's research shows a Thomas Tilby being born four days earlier, on 18 Apr 1777, and baptised 18 May 1777. Various theories have been proposed for the difference in dates, including the introduction of gregorian calendars and the use of midnight as the end of a day or the beginning of one, but the discrepancy remains. There are the remote possibilities that Thomas Tilby and Thomas Tilbury are not the same person, or that the date was entered incorrectly in the bible, as several birth dates of children appear to have been entered and then corrected.

Thomas & Ann

Thomas Tilbury (1777-1857)

  • Father: ?Thomas (ca1748-) ?John Tilby
  • Mother: ?Jane nee Rudman ?Ann Tilby
  • Born: 18/22 Apr 1777, Colvil Court, St. Pancras, London
  • Married: 19 Apr 1801, Ann Durden, St. Marylebone, London
  • Died: 19 Dec 1857, Mornington Road, St. Pancras
  • Buried: Highgate Cemetery (West), grave #8533
  • Occupation: Brassfounder
Thomas Tilbury (1777-1857)2

Ann Durden (ca1782-1861)

  • Father: Henry Durden (ca1755-1826)
  • Mother: Mary nee Holton (ca1761-1832)
  • Born: ca1782, West Drayton, Middlesex
  • Baptised: 1 Feb 1784, St. Martin's, West Drayton, Middlesex
  • Married: 19 Apr 1801, Thomas Tilbury, St. Marylebone, London
  • Died: 21 Nov 1861
  • Buried: 28 Nov 1861, Highgate Cemetery
Ann (Durden) Tilbury (1782-1861)2
Note: There are differing views as to whether these portraits are of Thomas and Ann or of Daniel and Eleanor Hanley nee Tilbury. The reasons they've been determined to be Thomas and Ann are outlined in Background: Reference: Photos of Thomas and Anne.


  • Baptism 1777 Thomas Tilby
  • Marriage 1801 Thomas Tilbury, Ann Durden
  • Burial 1857 Thomas Tilbury
Will of Thomas3
Notice of Probate for Thomas3

Thomas married Ann Durden of Parsonage House, West Drayton, Middlesex at St.Marylebone Parish Church on the 19 Apr 1801. They are known to have had 13 children.

Thomas was a brass founder and the tradition was carried on by four sons and a daughter, who were brass founders or involved in brass finishing.

1841. The Census shows Thomas residing at 40 Castle St East, now Eastcastle St, near Oxford St London.

1845. The 'Northern Star, and National Trades' Journal' reported on 25 Oct that a partnership had been dissolved: that of Thomas' and Ann's sons Henry Tilbury, Robert Tilbury, William Tilbury, of Cleveland St, St.Pancras, brass manufacturers.

1857. Thomas died on 19 Dec at Mornington Rd, St.Pancras and was buried at Highgate St.James (West) Cemetery in Swains Lane.

Thomas' will left everything to Ann and was witnessed by George Joseph Draper and Arthur Swann Draper, both of 88 Gt.Titchfield St, Marylebone.

Transcript of the Will of Thomas Tilbury from the year 1852:

In the Name of God Amen -

I Thomas Tilbury of No. 31 Mornington Road Regents Park in the Parish of St. Pancras and County of Middlesex (retired brass worker) being in health of body and of sound mind and understanding do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following I give devise and bequeth unto my dear beloved wife Ann Tilbury all and every my household furniture linen and wearing apparel books plate clocks and watches pictures china and also all and every sum and sums of money which may be found in my house or about my person or due to me at the time of my decease and also all my stocks funds and securities for money book debts money due on Bonds Bill Notes or other securities and all and every other my estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever both real and personal whether in possession or reversion remainder or expectancy to and for her own use and benefit absolutely and I nominate constitute and appoint my said wife Ann Tilbury sole Executrix of this my will and hereby revoking and making void all former or other wills and testaments by me at any time heretofore made and I declare this to be my last will and testament In witness whereof I the said Thomas Tilbury have to this my last will and testament subscribed my hand and seal this seventeenth day of September one thousand eight hundred and fifty two - [Signed Thomas Tilbury].

Signed published and declared by the said Thomas Tilbury as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses - [Signed George Joseph Draper 88 Gt. Titchfield Street] - [Signed Arthur Swann Draper 88 Gt. Titchfield Street.]

Proved at London the 8th February 1858 by the oath of Ann Tilbury Widow the relict the sole executrix to whom admon was granted.

Effects under £3000.3

Ann died in 1861, followed by eldest son Thomas in 1875. Both are buried with Thomas.

The Durdens


  • Baptism 1792 Francis Durden
  • Baptism 1793 Elizabeth Durden
  • Baptism 1794 John Durden
  • Baptism 1796 Sarah Durden
  • Baptism 1799 William Durden
  • Burial 1802 John Durden
  • Baptism 1803 Sophey Durden
  • Burial 1808 Sarah Durden
  • Burial 1818 Catherine Durden
  • Baptism 1824 Emma Francis Durden
  • Marriage 1824 Thomas Durden, Mary Gale
  • Burial 1826 Henry Durden
  • Burial 1832 Mary Durden
  • Burial 1836 James Durden

Ann's father Henry Durden was born ca1755 and died on 11 Jun 1826, aged 71. Her mother, Mary nee Holton was born ca1761 and died on 26 Feb 1832, also aged 71. Both parents were buried at St.Martins. Henry Durden married Mary Holton at the Parish Church of St.John the Baptist, Hillingdon on the 31 Mar 1783.

Children of Henry and Mary, all baptised at the Parish Church of St.Martin, West Drayton, Middlesex:

  • Ann Durden, bpt. 1 Feb 1784
  • Mary Durden, bpt. 18 Mar 1786
  • George Durden, bpt. 3 Aug 1788
  • James Durden, bpt. 28 Feb 1790
  • Francis Durden, bpt. 22 Apr 1792, married Mary Ann Jennings, 11 Oct 1812, St.  Pancras Old Church, London. They had two daughters:
    • Mary Ann Durden (bpt. 6 Sep 1812, St.Mary, Marylebone Rd, London)
    • Emma Francis Durden (born 12 Aug 1824, baptised 5 Dec 1824 at St Martin, W.  Drayton.  (IGI batch C042851)).
  • John Durden, bpt. 9 Feb 1794, d. 4 Nov 1802, bur. St. Martins (8yo)
  • Sarah Durden, bpt. 30 Oct 1796, ?d. 2 Sep 1808, bur. St. Martins (12yo)
  • William Durden, bpt. 23 Jun 1799
  • Thomas Durden, bpt. 25 May 1800, married Mary Gale on 5 Dec 1824 at St.Martin's.
  • Sophey Durden, bpt. 30 Jan 1803.

Further research is required to establish whether the James recorded below was a brother to Henry.

James, born ca1752, may have been James' brother. James married Catherine Holton on 2 Jul 1778 at St.John the Baptist, Hillingdon. He died 10 Apr 1836 at the age of 84. Catherine was born ca1759 and died on 14 Feb 1818, aged 59. Both James and Catherine were buried at St.Martins, West Drayton. The records show:

  • Elizabeth Durden, daughter of James and Catherine, was baptised 24 Mar 1793 at St.Martin's.
  • [Possible son] Affidavit Register for 1779 shows that on 2 Mar the infant James Durden was buried “half baptized” and without Affidavit. No baptism record has been found.
Children of Thomas & Ann

[1] Image provided by E. Mark Tilbury, USA

[2] Photos provided by Rosalind Pickavance, descendant of Eleanor Tilbury

[3] Images and Will transcript provided by Alan Tilbury


  • Brian Tilbury 7 years ago

    My father Robert Henry Tilbury was born in Marylebone circa 1903. His mother was Margaret. I could only trace back to his father in Marylebone using census data circa 1888.

    • Linden 7 years ago

      Hi Brian, Who was his father (your g-father)? Cheers, Linden

      • Brian Tilbury 6 years ago

        I don't know my grandfather's name.

        • Linden 6 years ago

          Hi Brian, hopefully someone reading this will be able to help. Cheers, Linden

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