Jeannetta Tucker nee Tilbury (1817-1876)

Jeannetta Tilbury (1817-1876)

Robert Tucker (ca1813-)

  • Father: William Tucker
  • Mother:
  • Born: ca1813
  • Married: 30 Mar 1838, Jeannetta Tilbury, All Souls, St. Marylebone
  • Died:


  • Baptism 1818 Jennette Tilbury
  • Marriage 1838 Jeannetta Tilbury, Robert Tucker

Recorded as Jennette/Jeannetta.

Robert Tucker was born ca1813 in London. He and Jeannetta had two children, both baptised at Pancras:

  • Sophy C.J. Tucker, born ca1843
  • Alfred Tucker, born ca1860.

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