Robert James Tilbury (1815-1864?)

Robert, Marianne & Emma Osgathorp

Robert James Tilbury (1815-1864?)

Marianne Osgathorp (ca1814-1864)

  • Father: ? Osgathorp
  • Mother:
  • Born: ca1814
  • Married: ca1835, Robert James Tilbury
  • Died: 1864

Emma Caroline Osgathorp (ca1822-)

  • Born: ca1822
  • Married: 7 Sep 1868, Robert James Tilbury, Shoreditch
  • Died:


  • Baptism 1815 Robert James Tilbury
  • Marriage 1868 Robert Tilbury, Emma Caroline Osgathorp

[source Alan Tilbury]
Robert had two wives, sisters Marianne and Emma Caroline Osgathorp.

Robert and Marianne had five children.

1845. On 25 Oct the partnership between brass manufacturers Henry Tilbury, Robert Tilbury and William Tilbury, of Cleveland St, St.Pancras, had been dissolved.1

1864. Marianne died at the age of 50.

1868. Robert, a brass finisher aged 52, married her sister, Emma Caroline, a tailor of 46. They were married 7 Sep 1868 at the Parish Church at 26 Gr.Cambridge St, Shoreditch. Their marriage certificate shows Thomas, brass finisher, as the father of Robert and Emma Caroline's father as Robert Henry, a stay maker.

Children of Robert & Marianne

Robert Walter Tilbury (1838-1901)

Robert was born in Marylebone. He married Martha Morris (1840-1864) on 24 Apr 1859 at Marylebone. Martha and Robert had two children:

  • Emma Martha Tilbury,  born 17 Oct 1859,  baptized 20 May 1860 at All Souls, died 1860 at St.Pancras.
  • Walter Henry James Robert Tilbury,  born 3 Dec 1863,  baptised 24 Dec 1865 at All Souls, died 1936 at Kingsclere.

Martha died at the age of 24 on 12 Jan 1864 at Marylebone and in the same year Robert married his second wife, Helen Elizabeth Gosling (1841-1905, born St.Lukes East, Middlesex) at St. Lukes. Robert and Helen had seven children:

  • Annie Eliza Tilbury,  born 5 Nov 1865,  baptized 24 Dec 1865 at All Souls. Annie married Charles William Simmons in 1893 at Marylebone.
  • Helen (Ellen) Elizabeth Tilbury,  born 14 Aug 1867,  baptized 10 Apr 1870 at All Souls. Annie married Henry Walter Everidge in 1887 at Marylebone. Son Henry Robert Everidge was born in 1887 at Marylebone.
  • Louisa Maria Tilbury,  born 2 Nov 1869,  baptized 10 Apr 1870 at All Souls. Louisa married William Mahoney? in 1888 at Marylebone.
  • Frederick William Tilbury,  born 10 Nov 1871, baptized 30 Nov 1873 at All Souls.
  • Emily Florence Tilbury,  born 31 Oct 1873,  baptized 30 Nov 1873 at All Souls,  died 1875 in Marylebone.
  • Robert Thomas Tilbury,  born 1878 in Marylebone. Robert married Clara Adkins in 1900 at Pancras.
  • Elizabeth Matilda Tilbury,  born 1880 in Marylebone.
  • Helen Tilbury, died 1905 at Marylebone (64).

Elizabeth Mary Ann (Maria) Tilbury (1839-)

Elizabeth was born 14 Nov 1839 and baptised 23 Feb 1840 at All Souls. She married Charles Frederick Horn (ca1837-) at St.Marylebone on 25 May 1862. They had seven children:

  • Charles Frederick Horn was born in 1862 at Marylebone. Charles married Mary Ann Pepper (1863-) at Hackney in 1888. They had 6 children, all born in Hackney. In the 1901 Census, Charles Horn (38, pianoforte maker, born London Marylebone) and wife Mary (37, born London, Hackney) were living at 14 Price Tce, Hackney with children Charles Horn 11, Lily Horn 9, ?Richard Horn 7, William Horn 4, Kate Horn 2 and Augusta Horn, an infant. Charles' mother Mary Horn (61, widow, sick nurse, born Marylebone) was also registered at the address.
  • George August Horn, born 1864 Marylebone.
  • Louisa M Horn, born 1866 Pancras.
  • August Frederick Horn, born 1868 Pancras.
  • Frederick Horn, born ca1870 St. Pancras.
  • Anne Horn, born ca1877 St. Pancras.
  • Richard Horn, born ca1880 Hackney.

Ann Augusta Tilbury (1843-)

Born 29 Dec 1843 at St. Marylebone.

Thomas Henry Tilbury (1850-1922)

Thomas was born 17 Mar 1850 at St. Pancras. He married Rebecca Mumford (1852-) of Dennington, Suffolk on 13 Dec 1874 at St. John's, Fitzroy Square. They had four children:

  • Alice Mary Tilbury, born 1 Jun 1875 at 12 Windmill St., St. Pancras,  died 10 Oct 1963 Watford, Herts. Alice married John William Hunt (1873-1939) [where?] and they had 4 children.
  • Henry Joseph Tilbury (Henry Robert Tilbury born 1877 Pancras)
  • Richard William Tilbury, born 1886 Marylebone, died 11 Dec 1918, buried Somme, France. Richard married Hilda Brown (1895-1961) in 1915 at Burnley, Lancs. and they had 2 children.
  • Dora Olive Tilbury, born 1892 St.Giles, London. Dora married John Charles Parker (?1891-) in 1916 at Islington.  

1901. Census at 64 Wellesley Buildings, L.C.C. Dwellings, St.Pancras listed Thomas H Tilbury (51, brass finisher, born London, Marylebone), wife Rebecca Tilbury (48, born Suffolk, Dennington), son Richard Tilbury (14, brass finisher's errand boy, born London, Marylebone) and daughter Dora Olivia Tilbury (9, born London, St.Giles).

1922. Thomas died 22 Mar at Watford. He was 72.

Alice Matilda Tilbury (1853-1879)

Alice was born 24 Jan 1853, registered at St. James, Westminster. She married Henry Charles Stanborough (ca1851-) in 1876 at Pancras. They had one daughter, Alice Matilda Stanborough, born 1879 at Pancras.

[1] Northern Star, and National Trades' Journal, 25 Oct 1845

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