Sophia Nichols nee Tilbury (1825-1900)

Sophia & Richard

Sophia Tilbury (1825-1900)

Richard Nichols (ca1824-1878)

  • Father: Richard Nichols, gentleman
  • Mother:
  • Born: ca1824
  • Married: 18 Apr 1846, Sophia Tilbury, All Souls, St.Marylebone
  • Died: 1878, Wakefield
  • Occupation: Bookseller


  • Baptism 1825 Sophia Tilbury
  • Marriage 1846 Richard Nichols, Sophia Tilbury

[source Alan Tilbury]
Sophia and Richard, both 21 years of age, were married 18 Apr 1846 at All Souls, St.Marylebone. The marriage was witnessed by brother-in-law Robert Tucker, husband of Jeannetta.

Sophia and Richard had 3 children.

1878. Richard died at Wakefield, Yorkshire at the age of 53.

1900. Sophia died at Wakefield.

​Children of Sophia & Richard

Alfred Ernest Albert Nichols (1857-)

Alfred was born 29 Nov 1857 at 50 Nechells Pl., Aston, Warks. Alfred married Ellen Hartshorne at Wakefield in 1892. They had four children.

Elizabeth Ann Mary Nichols (1861-)

Elizabeth was born at Portsmouth, Hants. Elizabeth married Harry Hanson at Wakefield in 1885. They had two daughters.

William Thomas Moon Nichols (1863-)

William was born at Worsbrough Dale, Barnsley, Yorks. William married Clara Brooke at Wakefield in 1887. In 1903 William died at Wakefield at the age of 39. It's possible that Clara nee Brooke, William's wife, remarried 1909 at Wakefield.


  • Caroline 4 years ago

    Linden, it's a superb website, and obviously a great deal of hard work and attention to detail went into it. Just one request: that you publish the entire tree in one piece, as Alan did previously. For people trying to sort out who was who, it's the only way to make simple comparisons and eliminations or matches. The Ts were overall such a clan that one finds the same given names in many families, and they were much less geographically mobile than most other families, so that sorting them out is not easy! Hope you'll be able to make the addition.

    • linden 4 years ago

      Hi Caroline,
      Many thanks for your kind words. The Family Tree is still here, in Background (/background/family-tree/). I'm in the process of entering all the information into a database so that's it's not just a flat file but something that can be linked into the detail pages of the site. It's an ongoing project!
      Cheers, Linden

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