Marcus Edward Tilbury (1874-1920)

George Arthur & Marcus Edward, sons of James Thompson Tilbury9

1874. Marcus was born 24 May at the home of James and Esther in Balmain, Sydney.

A photo was taken of Marcus and George in Newcastle when he was about 8 years old.

1886. The family moved to Rockhampton and Marcus (11) entered the Rockhampton Grammar School (RGS) with George.

1888. Marcus left the RGS at about 15 years of age.

1889. Marcus, of Cooerwull Academe, Bowenfyils, was a successful candidate for Junior Public Examinations, held in connection with the Sydney University.

[source Ettie] Marcus owned a stock and station agency in western Queensland, then moved to Rockhampton.

1894. Was playing cricket with the Lakes Creek team of Rockhampton.

1896. The Rockhampton Quarterly Electoral Lists (July) have Marcus registered as: age 31, occupation clerk, residing at 'River Bank', Rockhampton.[1]

1900. Marcus, still living at ‘Grantham’ [? conflicts with above statement], was elected Secretary of the Rockhampton Club. Situated on Quay St, the club still exists (as of the 1990s) and has been maintained as it was built.

Marcus & Maria

Marcus Edward Tilbury (1874-1920)

Marcus Edward Tilbury 1874-19209

Maria Theresa (Yonnie) McLaughlin (1875-1964)

  • Father: Thomas McLaughlin
  • Mother: Ellen nee Ryan
  • Born: 1875, Rockhampton
  • Married: 16 Apr 1901, Marcus Edward Tilbury, Rockhampton
  • Died: 1964, Sydney NSW
Marcus Edward Tilbury 1874-19209
Alexandria Cemetery

1901. Marcus Edward (26) and Maria (Yonnie) McLaughlin (25) were married by the Right Rev. Dr. Higgins on 16 Apr 1901 at San Jose in Rockhampton and they set up residence at ‘Dagmar’, Athelstane Range. Maria was the youngest daughter of the late Thomas McLaughlin, of Rockhampton.

1902. Marcus, trained as an accountant, followed in father James’ footsteps, setting up business as an auctioneer at 173 East St, Rockhampton, next to the Bank of Australasia. In the same year daughter Marie Claire Tilbury was born.

1904. Son Marcus Geoffrey Tilbury was born and Marcus moved the auctioneer business to 170 Denison St.

1908. Marcus and Maria attended the Carnival Ball on 10 Jun 1908, organised by the Rockhampton Ambulance Brigade. Maria was noted wearing "blue glace silk with silver trimming".1

1912. A bridge party was held by Mrs T. McLaughlin at Rockhampton as a farewell to Maria, who was returning to Sydney.1

Marcus and family moved to Sydney and were living at 8 Karori Flats, Elizabeth Bay Rd, Sydney NSW. Marcus was the wool manager for John Bridge and Co. Ltd and Secretary of the Fox Terriers Club of NSW.1

1915. Marcus left his wife Maria (Yonnie) and young children, Marie Claire (Claire), 13yo and Marcus Geoffrey (Geoff), 11yo to enlist with the Imperial Forces for World War I. The Commorative Roll records Marcus as a sergeant of the Royal Army Service Corps (Canteens). He served in German East Africa and France, and was with the army of occupation in Germany, from where he went to Palestine.1

1920. Marcus Edward (45) died of a brain haemorage during active service on 12 Oct 1920. During his service he had been Gazetted twice and at his death was a Sergeant A.S.C.  He was buried in Egypt at the Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery, grave G93.

Service Number: A/454980
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Royal Army Service Corps (Canteens)
Service: British Army
Conflict / Operation: First World War, 1914-1918
Conflict eligibility date:  First World War, 1914-1921
Date of death: 12 October 1920
Place of death: Egypt
Age at death: 45
Cemetery or memorial details: Chatby Military and War Memorial Cemetery, Alexandria, Egypt

The Commemorative Roll records the names of those Australians who died during or as a result of wars in which Australians served, but who were not serving in the Australian Armed Forces and therefore not eligible for inclusion on the Roll of Honour. It includes those Australians who died while members of Allied Forces, the Merchant Navy, philanthropic organisations attached to the forces, or as war correspondents or photographers.3

In Nov 1920 Marcus' parents and wife Maria received cable advice of Marcus' death in Egypt, caused by hemorrhage of the brain. At the time of his death Maria was residing at 'Pomeroy', Macleay St.1

1923. Maria spent a couple of weeks at Rockhampton with her aunt, a Miss McLaughlin of Tyndrum, Dawson Rd.1

1964. Maria died in Sydney, NSW. [SMH?]

The McLaughlins

Maria Theresa (Yonnie) was born in in 1875 at Rockhampton, the daughter of Thomas and Ellen nee Ryan.

Ted Hockings remembered seeing Maria and her daughter Claire when they visited the Tilburys at ‘Radcliffe’ when Ted was quite little and so shy that he viewed them first from under a bed. He soon discovered that they were "very kind and very beautiful".

The McLaughlin family, associated with the Fitzroy Brewery in Rockhampton almost since its inception, provided the town with some vivid personalities in several generations.

The original Fitzroy Brewery, founded in 1880, occupied the site of the Rockhampton Club in Quay St. In 1884 Thomas McLaughlin moved the brewery to Quay, Wood and Wharf Sts. While on a health trip to New Zealand in 1892. Thomas died 20 Dec in a gale at sea. His eldest son Daniel returned from a promising Law career in Sydney and carried on the business with his brother Thomas. The family company Thomas McLaughlin & Co. was floated and in later years the brew from the old Fitzroy Brewery became famous as Mac’s Beer. The firm was bought by Carlton United in 1961.

The Kent brewery in Bolsover Street was founded in 1889 and bought by the Headricks brothers in 1894. Thomas McLaughlin & Co. purchased the brewery from the Headricks in 1905.

1901. Thomas' will was contested in the Full Court of Brisbane in a friendly suit between the trustees of the will and its beneficiaries and the guardian for the next-of-kin. The matter to be decided was whether Thomas died terstate or interstate, depending on the wording of the will. The will, dated 22 Oct 1892, did not include the words "my estate" after "bequeth" and if the omission meant that he had died intestate then his sister would be excluded and the next-of-kin, not mentioned in the will, would be entitled to 1/3 of the estate under the Statute of Distributions. As there was no doubt Thomas had wished to die terstate and had intended to deal with the whole of his estate in his will, the matter was settled as his will had intended.4

Claimants were Daniel McLaughlin (brewer and merchant), Thomas McLaughlin (brewer), Maria McLaughlin (spinster) and Mary McLaughlin (spinster), all of Rockhampton, William McLaughlin (brewer) of Brisbane, Cecilia Walsh nee McLaughlin (wife of John Ambrose Walsh, solicitor of Brisbane), and Maria Tilbury nee McLaughlin (company manager). Thomas' estate included Subdivisions 620 and 637 of portions 78, 57 and 33v, county of Stanley, parish of Tingalpa.

1912. In Sep 1912 Maria returned to Sydney.

1949. The rent to be charged for perpetual town lease, No. 190, allotment 11 of section 5 in Rockhampton, held by Daniel McLaughlin, Thomas McLaughlin, William Patrick McLaughlin, Mary Corser (wife of Charles Hilary Corser), Cecilia Walsh (wife of John Ambrose Walsh) and Maria Tilbury (widow of Marcus), as tenants in common, was fixed at 9/- per annum on an unimproved value of £15.5

1990s. Edwina Priddle, daughter of Mimi Priddle nee McLaughlin was teaching at the Rockhampton Girls’ Grammar School (RGGS).

Children of Marcus & Maria

Marie Claire (Claire) Tilbury (1902-)

Marie Claire Tilbury, daughter of Marcus Edward9

Marie Claire, known as Claire, was born 15 Apr in Rockhampton.

The story reached Rockhampton that Claire was a “raving beauty” and that the Prince of Wales (Edward) danced with her on a visit to Sydney.

ca1992. Living at 4 Hale Rd, Mosman.6

Marcus Geoffrey (Geof.) Tilbury (1904-)

Sheila McBryde, wife of Marcus Geoffrey Tilbury
Marcus Geoffrey & wife Sheila (McBryde) Tilbury on wedding day 15 Apr 19419

1904. Marcus Geoffrey, known as Geof., was born 31 Mar 1904 in Rockhampton.

1940. In Aug 1840, Marcus Geoffrey and Sheila Eveleen McBryde announced their engagement in Sydney, while Sheila was staying at 52 Macleay Street. She and her parents, Mr and Mrs F.F. McBryde of South Yarra, Melbourne, had been living for some years in Brisbane.1

1941. Marcus and Sheila were married in a quiet ceremony in Melbourne. It was described in the Age, Melbourne on 16 Apr 1941:

Quietly Celebrated
The marriage of Sheila Eveleen, only child of Mr. and Mrs. F. F. McBryde, Marne street, South Yarra, to Marcus Geoffrey, son of Mrs. M. E. Tilbury, Edgecliff, Sydney, and the late Mr. Tilbury, was celebrated late yesterday afternoon.
A patou pink crepe frock, which was gathered in the front of the bodice, was worn by the bride under a match ing Angora coat, which was trimmed with cuffs of smoky blue fox fur. Pink and blue feathers were arranged on her small pink felt hat, and she pinned a spray of pink orchids to her blue bag. Mr. P. Jobson was best man. The reception was held at Grosvenor.

Further information is provided by The Courier Mail, Brisbane on 21 Apr 1941:

Married In Melbourne
WHEN Sheila McBryde, formerly of Brisbane, and now of South Yarra. Melbourne, was married to Mr. Geoffrey Tilbury, of Sydney, last week, in Melbourne, they kept the church and time a secret, and invited their friends to a cocktail party at a hotel after the ceremony to celebrate. Miss McBryde and her parents have many friends in Brisbane, made when they lived here.
The bridegroom's sister, Miss Clare Tilbury, was also a frequent visitor to Brisbane until recent years. Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Tilbury will live in Sydney.

At the time in Melbourne it was apparently quite the fashion to only invite guests to the reception, and this may have had something to do with the wartime conditions. Quiet weddings were conducted where, had the marriage taken place in peacetime, the ceremony would be held in a church crowded with guests and observers and attended by a retinue of bridesmaids.

1942. In April it was reported that Geof. and Sheila had a "delightful flat" at Rose Bay, Sydney and that Sheila would shortly be leaving for Melbourne, to stay with her parents at South Yarra for the birth of daughter Carol Claire, whose name was derived from those of two aunts. Carol was born 18 Jun 1942 and they returned to Sydney in ?September of 1942.1

1943. Geof. was "an energetic member of Sydney's V.D.C."[7]  The Voluntary Defence Corps (VDC) was an Australian part-time volunteer military force of World War II, modelled on the British Home Guard. It was established in July 1940 by the RSL and initially comprised WWI ex-servicemen. The government took over control in May 1941 and gave the organisation the role of training for guerrilla warfare, collecting local intelligence and providing static defence of each unit's home area.8

1965+?. Geof. and Sheila’s daughter Carol Claire married Bruce Taylor. They live on a sheep farm in the Wellington district of NSW and have two sons, Geoffrey and Hugh, each of whom is married with three children. Bruce has retired but still works hard, helping both his sons on their properties.

1966. Geof. was a partner in the firm Alfred Rofe & Sons, solicitors of 26 O'Connell St, Sydney. Other partners were Alfred Edward Fulton Rofe and Percy Rofe.

1992. Marcus Geoffrey died 21 Jul 1992 [SMH 25 Jul 1992] and in the Tilbury Register, Sheila was registered as living at 8/313a Edgecliff Rd, Woollahra.6

199?. Sheila died 31 Aug 1997. [SMH 4 Sep 1997]

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  • K Storey 3 years ago

    Email Enable JavaScript to view protected content. Hello I am trying to get to print with a history of the Expeditionary Force Canteens in which MARCUS EDWARD TILBURY served and in fact died in 1920 in Egypt when part of the RASC (Canteens). Stories of individuals is an important part and this man had rather a good one to tell being mentioned in dispatches, awarded the Meritorious Service Medal and seeing service in East Africa, France and Egypt. I would dearly like to obtain a photograph, or any correspondence from his time in the Army - hence this communication. If you can help in anyway or put me in contact with someone who might, I would be most grateful. Many thanks Kevin Storey

    • Linden 3 years ago

      Hi Kevin, information on Marcus' life is scant and is mainly derived from scouring the National Library Archives. I do hope someone can provide a lead to more details. Cheers, Linden

      • Carol Taylor 5 months ago

        Hello Linden. I am the grand daughter of Marcus (Marc) and have only recently found Kevin's message of 2 years ago. Have contacted him & fortunately it has not been too late to contribute to his history of the RASC. I inherited letters from Marc dated between 1915 & right up to his death in 1920 which contain quite a lot of general information about the RASC during that period as well as his personal life. Also photos, his medals, etc. Have forwarded copies of relevant passages & photos to Kevin. It has been very interesting corresponding with him as I learnt a lot from him too. Thank you very much for all the work you have done in compiling the family history. I'm sorry I didn't find it earlier. Very best wishes, Carol

        • Linden 5 months ago

          Hi Carol. Wonderful to read your post. I have so little information on Marcus but was able to dispel a few less than flattering rumours about him so felt good about that. I would really love to know a little about the man he was (if you knew him) and his family. I would also love to be able to post some photos of him if you have any you'd be prepared to share. Cheers, Linden

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