Sophia Tilbury (1837-1839)

Thomas and Sophia had two daughters, both of whom were christened Sophia:

  • Sophia was born around Feb 1837, hence too early for civil registration, and was buried in Hanwell in Aug 1839 at the age of 30 months. Her death was registered 1839/Sep q. Brentford 3. 1
  • Sophia Emma was baptised at Hanwell on 28th Feb 1841 but was born, according to the Census of 6 Jun 1841, around the beginning of Oct 1840.

No child named Sophia appears as a member of the family of Thomas and Sophia in the England and Wales Censuses of 1841, 1851 or 1861. Emma, however, does appear, and is of the age that Sophia Emma would have been. It's probable that the Emma shown in these three censuses is the child baptised as Sophia Emma.

In the 1861 Census Emma is shown as Emma S.

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