Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy is needed because you have the opportunity to leave your personal details on this site.

The site uses https protocol, which means any communication/traffic between you and this site is encrypted.

You are not tracked or logged and your information is not sold or passed on to any other parties. The site contains no links to Google, Facebook or any other social media tracking services, nor does it use any software from those sites for analysis or for anything else.

If you leave an email address in the text of a comment it is given spam-protection masking, which means it appears normally on the published page but is separately encoded in the page's html source code to prevent it being read by bots, spammers, spiders etc.

The separate email field in Comment forms is not published but is required to: reduce the risk that you may be spamming; enable a response where appropriate, and ensure you're reachable should someone have information for you, though this is seldom used any more because you can now determine your own level of notification for thread comments.